meet the team

Arthur Slotnick

Video Support specialist,
Matthew DeGrechie

Ducky McQuack

Graphic designer / animator,
Liz Young

graphic designer / photographer,
Shalynn Miller

lead editor,
Carl Hollant

Production assistant,
Shaneika Martin

production assistant,
Cleef Milien

production assistant,
Tony Bazile

producer, dormet fitness
Bonnie Montleon

producer, dormet dining lite
Nicole Cormier

producer, dormet dining,
Arthur Morrissette

producer, school talk
Nadjia Varney

Archivist / historian,
David Wilson

director of first impressions,
Kristen Witnauer

mission & strategy

Mission statement

The utilization of media in a variety of formats and forums (internal and external) to bring about the better understanding of academics, the human condition, and documentation of the strength and excellence of this institution, while showcasing our students, faculty and administration.


A lifetime of service

1996 - The Moakley Center Television Studio facilities come online

1995 - John Joseph Moakley Center opened on the campus of Bridgewater State College

1840 - Bridgewater State University is founded as then Bridgewater Normal School